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Change Without Struggle
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Topics Include:

  • Change
  • Mindset
  • Success
  • Fulfillment
  • The Advancement of Human Consciousness
  • Global Evolution
  • Personal Growth and Expansion
  • Money Mindset
  • Unleashing Potential
  • Relationships
  • Family Patterns
  • Self Worth
  • Neural Re-Patterning
  • and Creating Your Life

Most of the things that people do to try to change their lives, businesses, or their money have little, or no, long lasting effect, because the majority of our blocks and limitations are not conscious. If they were conscious we would have changed them already. Trying to consciously change your unconscious patterning (or anyone else's) is like yelling at software and expecting it to change itself.

With her signature humor, Michelle describes in a clear and fascinating way how the things that are in our way are created and sustained despite all our efforts to change them. She then talks about what actually works to create lasting, sustainable change without having to use force, willpower, or self negation, so that we can be more happy, fulfilled and successful in all the ways we came here to be.

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