What is NLP?

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) comes from the condensed genius of many of the worlds’ best therapists, teachers, entrepreneurs, and motivators. NLP is not based on any theory, but rather on methods and techniques that have consistently gotten results.

In short, NLP is a compilation of what works to get changes for people.

These changes are remarkably deep and permanent, and people are often surprised at the speed and ease with which the changes can occur. Change is not only possible, but far easier than once thought.

NLP can assist your most cherished dreams to become reality.
How does NLP work?

Most of the conditions, limitations or blocks that we experience are generated unconsciously. If they were conscious, we would just change them. This work changes the unconscious structure that creates the limitations at a neurological level. It is not about willpower or positive thinking. It is about changing the raw material used to generate our current problems or limitations. Unconscious patterns are like computer software that runs automatically. If you don’t like the software that is running, yelling at your computer, or trying to force it to do something other than what it is programmed to do is futile. But if you know the language that the software is written in, you can re-write the software to get a different result. Then the re-written software will run automatically.

Unlike a smartphone, your brain is not designed to update itself.

Most of us are running incredibly old operating systems in our thoughts and hearts and feelings.

This is what this work does. It re-writes patterning. It changes the neurological associations that determine experience. It gives you choice and control over what you experience.

There is so much this work can do that the list of what this can’t change would probably be shorter. This work can change beliefs and limitations about self, money, career, love, relationships, family, health, potential and possibilities. It can change emotional reactions to stress, relationships, performance, work, family or life in general. It can reduce or eliminate phobias and anxieties. It can increase levels of calm, focus and satisfaction. It can reduce stress or upset. It can make success more attainable and it can release generational patterns of struggle, illness and depression.

What kind of things can this work change?
You Might Want to:
  • Work Less for More Money
  • Do the Things You Want to Do
  • Feel Better About Who You Are and What You Want
  • Stop Sabotaging Yourself and Beating Yourself Up
  • Have the Relationship You Want
  • Decrease or Release Anxieties

What kind of results can I expect?

It’s difficult to generalize because everyone is different. Some people come for one session or workshop and get the change they want—sometimes even more than they hoped for. Other people do a couple of sessions spread out over time to revise a pattern. Not all changes revise and integrate instantly, but people are often surprised at how fast and easily this work does change patterns and experiences. Read about results others have experienced.

Is it therapy?

Although many of the techniques that NLP uses came from observing what the worlds’ best therapists were doing intuitively (outside of their training), This work is not therapy. It does, however, achieve many of the aims that people frequently go to therapy for, which is a change in places where they feel stuck. The value of a good therapist is undeniable, but what this work offers is change—change that lasts and that does not require you to remember to be different. It is change that happens at the deepest level of learning, and so it becomes self-generating.

Will NLP conflict with other healing modalities?

No. NLP does not conflict with any other psychological, or physical healing modalities. In fact, if often increases the effectiveness of other healing modalities and speeds up the healing process.

How can I experience this work?

You can experience change work with Michelle Masters in several ways. You can attend experiential workshops such as Money Magic, or Clear Path to Love, or you can schedule a private session with Michelle Masters.

What is family constilations?

Learn about family constlations here.

Why willpower doesn’t work

Willpower is only necessary when there are unwanted patterns or experiences already running. Willpower involves using tremendous force or focus to manually override the automatic patterns that are already running. The amount of energy needed to maintain that kind of manual override is not sustainable for any length of time. And so, when the willpower stops, or fades, or that energy or focus are required elsewhere, the original automatic pattern resumes—sometimes with compound interest. When an automatic (or unconscious) pattern is revised to something more desirable, then no willpower is required. The new pattern will run just as automatically as the old one did. It’s like re-writing software—when you know the language the software was written it you can re-write it. Then the new software will run automatically, just as the old programming did.