When unconscious-patterning shifts, lives change in magical ways.

Online Money Magic

Online Money Magic is the same fun and highly interactive program as the live 2 day workshop, but delivered in a mix of online change patterns(which you have access to 24 hours a day for 6 months, instead of just 2 days) plus 10 live weekly group calls on Zoom to give you live interaction and a chance to get your questions answered. It consists of experiential processes designed to resolve unconscious blocks, limitations and patterns around money, and to create new automatic patterns and habits that naturally bring about more satisfaction and success with money and finances.

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When unconscious-patterning shifts, lives change in magical ways.

Almost every day we hear about something incredible that happened after Money Magic. Some people have taken Money Magic as many as 5 or 6 times because every time they take it their financial situation improves markedly—often without them having to work any harder or do anything differently.

Through the course of the workshop you will:

  • Get clear about what you really want from money and life
  • Specify the real world results you want from money
  • Automatically change patterns that have been in the way
  • Discover what really matters to you, and how to have more of it
  • Explore what your unconscious relationship to money has been, and what you’d like it to be
  • Clear up and revise long standing beliefs and blocks to money
  • Resolve internal conflicts to having what you need and want
  • Create more of the life you want and the automatic patterning that supports it
  • Use the best of Neuro-Science and Quantum Mechanics to create possibility and lasting results in your life.
  • And More

Online Money Magic includes 6 months of access to the processes and change patterns to continue to address whatever blocks and patterns are in the way, plus 10 live weekly calls to start you on your way with guidance, support and some additional change. All calls are recorded in case you miss one. You will also be part of a private online group where you can share your successes, ask questions and get answers for 6 months.

Creating real change in your life and finances does not have to be a struggle—it can be a joyful, sublime experience.

Struggle is a waste of your time, energy and spirit.

Creating a magnificent life is what you came here to do.

The more each of us experiences that we can actually create what we want in our lives, the less conflict we have with others and the world.

Peace on earth starts with experiencing that You Can Have What You Want.
We All Can.

Join us and see how magical life can be.

  • After doing last week's exercise, my business 5Xed in a week. I didn't have to do anything. I was just sitting around in my pajamas and people kept calling me.
  • Krit Kumar Sharma
    Every time I sign up to money magic, I get changes. I’ve also had the experience of my income doubling and have consistently been working less and less to make the same income.😊
    Krit Kumar Sharma
  • Sonja
    After Money Magic our business had a 40% increase without us really doing anything more, so thank you!
  • Your workshop really helped! I also had another client ask me for more business. I didn’t do anything except take your class, vacation for 3 weeks, and my monthly revenue increased by $3000!
  • (I recommend) the students and staff all take your money magic class. I did and at 65 I purchased a home. My mortgage, taxes,and insurance total $1,100 less than my rent was at my apt.
  • Jeet
    Strange thing happened, first of all I found the exam to be easy I was surprise that how can they ask so easy question, and I don’t think it happened in my life that I have completed all questions in the time and did reviews and corrected the wrong questions. I did that all and that too in a CFA Level 2 exam, I did that in 2.5hrs instead of give 3 hrs.- I myself could not believe – I thought that this is only possible not due to Newtonian physics but Quantum – After doing that I was perplexed and happy that it does not only work for money but for anything. I don’t know if I will pass or fail but I am happy I never had such an exam in my life!!!!! Really!!!! Or felt like that!!!!  I always knew and I always believe that in this planet if some one can take me out of my plight is YOU. I have simply no words to thank you… I just don’t know how thank you….You are simply an angel to this humanity….
  •   Thanks Michelle for the amazing person you are and the incredible work you do around money.  I’m glad to have you as a model for expanding more well-being in the world.  
  • Eva
    Things evolve in a way I could never have dreamt of. I am going to partner with this celebrity coach. I will partner with the publishing house and train their ghostwriters. I will have access to clients of a completely different level. We will offer a seminar together on a cruise ship! How cool is that!
  • Elma
    Stretch goal achieved!!! Our goal is to sell 32K per month - a stretch goal as this is our total sales on our first year (we are on year 2 now). We set this goal at the beginning of fiscal year. And it was just so tough! Somehow we couldn't achieve this goal and thought we were aiming too high! As of 29th of october, our sales for the month is 31K. Yesterday, I got a call from a customer, and got an order for 3K - which brought total sales to 34K for October!!!!
  • Josh
    This month just became my best grossing month in the last 4 years :-)


What's the difference between in-person Money Magic and online Money Magic?

Great question, click here to download the PDF that answers that question.