Find out what you are projecting energetically onto money

Field of Money

The Field of Money is a powerful workshop that changes deep, and often hidden, blocks to money and thriving


The things that cause blocks in our money and thriving are usually invisible to us. One of the best ways to work with invisible and hidden patterns is Constellation work. This workshop is a full day of Constellation work, consisting of a few individual constellations and many group exercises (including small break out groups) focused solely on money and your relationship to it. It is for people wanting money to serve as the blessing it is meant to be in their lives.

Many people experience deep shifts in their money patterns after this workshop.

Here is some of what you will experience:

  • Discover Your Unconscious Relationship to Money
  • Find out what you are projecting energetically onto money
  • Reveal How Your Parents Dynamics about Money are Affecting You
  • Begin to Release Generational Patterns of Limitation
  • Experience how Beautifully the Energy of Money Can Support You
  • And More

Everyone will participate in constellation work of one kind or another and discover some of their family patterns affecting money and thriving. There will be opportunities for everyone to explore and shift unconscious family patterns.

In order to preserve the quality of the experience, this workshop has limited space, so registering early is highly recommended, because it typically sells out.