Safer, Freer and Happier in Your Body

Wired For Well-Being

This class is designed to help reveal and revise the beliefs, patterns, fears and blocks that cause stress,
limitation, illness, shame, and alienation in our bodies and our selves. .


A blend of neuroscience, family systems (constellation) work, and quantum modalities, designed to reveal and revise what’s most in the way of your well-being and happiness in your body.

It is the innate essence of nature to move towards thriving and well-being.

As human beings we often become cut off from our innate thriving, and the joy of being alive. Beliefs and family patterns that cause fear, shame, anxiety, worry, hurt, anger, grief, and self-hatred not only limit our well-being, but can also create illness, isolation, depression, despair, and heartbreak. If you don’t feel safe and well and happy in your body, everything is harder.

Wired for Well-Being will help you to:

  • Reveal subconscious beliefs and associations that may be creating illness*, discomfort, fear, and shame in, or about, your body, and begin to revise the biggest blocks to your health and well-being
  • Access and connect with your body’s consciousness
  • Release old triggers in the body and neurology
  • Increase your appreciation for your body
  • Discover, and then begin to free emotions, blocks, and burdens you have been carrying or holding in your body
  • Allow you, and your body, to acclimate to deeper levels of safety and well-being
  • Identify emotions or physical conditions that you may have taken on from your family or ancestors
  • Feel lighter in your body
  • Discover the roots of self-sabotaging behavior and set up access to better solutions
  • Begin to feel safer, freer, and more at peace in your body
* For people with chronic physical illnesses or emotional conditions, we cannot promise this will cure or change that, but we can begin to reveal and revise some of the beliefs or family patterns that may be causing, or contributing to the condition, or that may be hindering your ability to heal and thrive.

This course begins with a 2-day intensive in person experience to begin to reveal and revise the beliefs, conditioning, and family patterns that have been keeping you from enjoying life and your body.

It is followed by 6 live weekly group Zoom calls, as well as recorded material to allow you to build on the shifts of the 2-day experience and reinforce and expand on them—for a more far-reaching transition into more thriving and well-being.

So that you, and your body, can remember the joy of being alive-and reconnect to the incredible life force in your body and cells!

Come join me on this journey!