Resolving the Ties that Bind

Understanding Family Constellations

Incredibly, one of the biggest blocks to our health, well-being, success and happiness, may have it's roots in the events
of our family history and ancestry. Discover what that is, and how to work with it, in this astonishing format. .



Why is it that no matter what you do, some things in your life just won’t shift?

How is that patterns of loss, struggle, depression, anxiety, addiction, and pain get perpetuated throughout generations in a family?

How could you possibly be carrying the pain or burdens of people that you never met, who probably died before you were even born?

And how do you let go of the pain and struggles of your family and live a life of happiness and well-being?

These are just some of the mysteries and questions we are addressing when we are dealing with family systems. Whether you are wanting to facilitate family constellations or just wanting to better understand your place in your life and family, this class will immerse you in the workings of family loyalties and subconscious agreements at work in your life.

Facilitated by Michelle Masters, this three 3-day weekends (9 days in total) course is for everyone and there are no prerequisites to undertake this course. Michelle studied Family Constellations and Constellation Facilitation with Bert Hellinger himself, as well as with Hunter Beaumont and Gabrielle Borkan, and has been facilitating family constellations since 1996.

This course covers:

  • The basic structure of family constellations
  • The organizing principles which help to reveal and resolve the generational entanglements in someone’s way.
  • How to work with many of the most common issues and entanglements.
  • And for those interested in facilitating, how to conduct private constellations, and how to include this work when working one on one with people.

The course contains written material and lectures, but the most profound learning comes from the many constellations that are done as part of the class. The constellations that are done as part of the class provide visceral learning, direct experience, and many opportunities for shifts and healing for all participants in the class.

No NLP experience is necessary to benefit from this class. Understanding Family Constellations” is open to all, including people who may have been trained by other facilitators and are seeking to broaden their experience by learning other styles and insights. If you are fascinated with the healing and therapeutic possibilities of constellations, this is an essential class

This course is perfect for:
  • Coaches, doctors, nurses, teachers, counselors, and physical and mental health care practitioners of all kinds
  • Those who are looking for a deeper understanding of constellation work for any reason, including insight into their own family system
  • Individuals who have tried all sorts of therapies or personal development programs, yet still feel stuck in their lives
  • Individuals who have struggled with chronic overwhelm, anger, depression, anxiety, illness, and low self-esteem, or blocks to their happiness and well-being
In addition to the tremendous learning about constellations that comes from this class, previous participants have reported:
  • Comfort and closure regarding a difficult or traumatic event in their family system
  • More emotional balance and resilience
  • Deepened respect and appreciation for themselves, others, and their family members
  • Restored sense of vitality (mental, physical, and emotional) and zest for life
  • Improved relationships with friends, family, colleagues, and loved ones

Whether you want to learn how to facilitate constellations or you are intrigued and inspired by the profound depth and possibilities of this work, this class will help you to understand the underlying structure and poetry of constellation work and to find the places in you that respond to the energies of the field. This deep knowledge and resonance in you can, in turn, influence the energies of all those you interact with in respectful and beneficial ways.

Everyone will participate, either as a representative, a facilitator, a witness, or all of the above, in many constellations and will therefore get to try these tools directly. This means participants will have many opportunities to participate in shifts in other peoples’ system as well as to experience shifts in their own system.

It is 9 days of profound shifts, learnings, and possibilities.