Make more money, while working less.

Money Magic

Money Magic is a highly interactive Live 2-day transformational workshop focused on money and creating the happy life that you want. Money Magic is a unique combination of deeply impactful change techniques presented in an easy to understand format. It is fun, inspiring and profound in the amount of change that it offers. .


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Michelle Masters has combined Nlp, Family Constellation work, and Matrix Energetics together to affect the most change possible in a Live 2-day experience.

Money Magic allows you to:

  • Get Clear on what You Really Want
  • Discover Subconscious Patterns that are in Your Way
  • Revise Conscious/Subconscious Patterns so that You naturally Have More of What You Want
  • Learn what Your Relationship to Money is
  • Harness the Phenomenal Power of your Subconscious to help Create What You Want
  • Expand Your Sense of Your True Worth
  • Revise Old Beliefs
  • And More

One of the most common outcomes of people taking the course is that they begin to make more money, while working less. Opportunities and money often show up in wonderful and unexpected ways. And most people report feeling a deeper sense of ease and peace in life after the workshop.

The more each of us experiences that we can actually create what we want in our lives, the less conflict we have with others and the world.

Peace on earth starts with experiencing that You Can Have What You Want.
We All Can.

  • Rachel Jacobsen
     I took it last September and to say it changed everything would be a bit of an understatement. Within a month, I had a new car I didn't think I could afford. In less than a year, I closed on my first home - a little under a year before the date I set in Money Magic! 💫 I wish I was going to be in the room with everyone this weekend. 💕
    Rachel Jacobsen
  • Britnie Hurd
    I had a quantum shift days before I took the workshop having the realization that I had broken through many of my abundance blocks! I cried tears of joy!
    Britnie Hurd
  • Marcy Roth
    I received a $10K raise just by signing up for the class! I love any experience I get to have with Michelle. The workshop is interactive and engaging. Loved it!
    Marcy Roth
  • Mery Miguez
    Besides the income increase, my favorite part of taking these classes (several times) was that I finally understood and saw clearly the belief system I was holding that was keeping me from having the relationship with money I wanted. It was mind blowing!
    Mery Miguez
  • Doreen Milano
    Money Magic is an experience that supported the change I desired. It allowed me to challenge my perception and beliefs in a safe and supportive space. It supported the discovery of my value as well as my purpose. I can honestly say Money Magic and the experience of NLP Marin has been pivotal.
    Doreen Milano
  • I've done it several times and it always delivers=) The last time I delivered more than ever before! I'll be there this weekend!
  • Tyler Rivenbark
    I recommend Money Magic. Michelle has created a great weekend to help you bring in or include more of what you want in life.
    Tyler Rivenbark
  • Leslie Carr
    I also have been four times (and am going back again this weekend). One of the most dramatic things I ever experienced was having my income double in one year, while also seemingly working half as hard. Money Magic has completely changed my life and it's one of my favorite things that NLPM offers :)
    Leslie Carr
  • Jill Wharton
    Michelle Masters rocks! This course is magical beyond comprehension. I use some of my learnings with clients to this day —and the positive impact is profound. Thank you Michele for your creation.
    Jill Wharton
  • Chris
    I wanted to let you know that I have experienced a similar loaves and fishes phenomenon that people talked about in Money Magic this weekend. Since April I have been spending and doing what I want with my money and have about the same amount in my account.   Also, a vision of a red Toyota came into my mind during the MM in April. It was not part of my goals, but I just saw myself in a shiny new Toyota. In Sept my car died, and I found myself at Toyota Concord specking out a grey Corolla that I found on line. It was the best buy I could find for the price. They told me it had sold before I got there. They asked me to look around the lot, and I found my red Toyota just like the one in my vision:) Other stuff has happened, too. I am a believer!
  • Erin
    Just wanted to say thank you for an incredible weekend. The work I did there helped open some pretty immediate doors in my life and business. I’m moving forward with some big company plans without the resistance (financial fear) I’ve been burdened with for almost 5 years. So freeing! 
  • David Scheel
    My actual experience with you and Money Magic was like the compass metaphor. Once I experienced Money Magic, the way it manifested was in the form of discovering a way to relieve myself of the burden of over a hundred thousand dollars in student loan debt via a debt relief program. It just showed up as an offer in my email inbox one day. I feel like I was just attuned more toward the opportunities for eliminating that debt. Then, the magic continues to show up, like I am more attuned to notice financial opportunities to increase income, sustain and maintain finances in a way that lead to more prosperous outcomes. Its like a renewed financial motabalism was installed. Healthy financial habits and behaviors just seem to make sense and show up highlighted on the internal radar. 😊❤
    David Scheel
  • Vanessa Loder
    I first took Money Magic in September of 2015. One of the goals I set in the money magic workshop was to buy our dream house in the East Bay by August 17th, 2017, roughly two years in the future. See attached photo I drew of our dream house in Sept 2015, with big oak or redwood trees to the right of the house and an oak tree in the lower left hand corner with a swing hanging from it.   In April of 2017, we decided we were ready to start casually looking for a house in the East Bay (we were living in San Francisco at the time). All my friends told me how horrible the house hunting would be and how we'd have to "sacrifice" our weekends schlepping to and from the East Bay every weekend for months on end to find a good house.    The very first weekend we drove out and looked at open houses, we didn't find anything we loved, but at the last house the agent said; "by the way, there's a very interesting house coming on the market next weekend, you may want to see it." After viewing photos, we decided to come out the following weekend to see the house in person.    As I walked up to the house, I saw redwood trees on the right hand side. Standing in the backyard, I was overcome by emotion and started crying saying; "this is our house." I just knew it was the one. We closed in 23 days and moved in within a month, in May 2017. This was three months ahead of schedule according to the vision I had in Money Magic two years earlier!!    The house matches my description perfectly. If you read the notes in the attached photo, it says "fire pit." yep, got that. Redwood trees to the right of the house, yep. And if you're facing the house, there's even an oak tree with a swing to the lower left of our front door...only it's across the street in the neighbors yard! (apparently I didn't get that detail quite right, missed it by about 100 yards)   I firmly believe we wouldn't have found this house so quickly if it wasn't for Money Magic. (our agent got the best commission of her life!)  It was the easiest house hunting process EVER!       After finding my notes from the 2015 Money Magic workshop and seeing how much had come true, I quickly signed up for Money Magic again in the spring of 2018. The week before the 2018 workshop began, I received a check for over $96,000 out of the blue. Please believe me when I tell you this stuff really works.   I highly recommend Money Magic for anyone who wants to create more money and more magic in your life!
    Vanessa Loder
  • Fred
    Gotta tell you. I stood up in front of you on the Zoom chat to our group on the Gold Coast and said "I'm coming. I can't afford it but I'm going anyway." Since that day I started manifesting daily the outcomes I want. When my next monthly pay went into my account, I had enough left over from the previous month to pay for the course! I have no idea how I had that much left over. :-D  
  • Casey
    During our course part of my money work was looking for a new position and putting 50K in my bank account in January.  Today, my phone has not stopped ringing from recruiter calls.  What's more, likely next week I'll be flying to LA to interview for a contract position paying me nearly 70% more than what I was paid at my old position!  And it's only Monday... AWESOME!
  • Mihir
    I’ve had the best outcome just today. I’ve been taken onboard with an international company to do coaching for their clients with an opportunity of $12K per month!!!!!!!!!!!! And with my current job in parallel it puts me at a whopping $20k per month. Can’t believe that my first job was earning me $12K per year. 
  • Sunshine Mugrabi
    Michelle Masters is a truly skilled NLP practitioner who makes life change painless, and even fun. I recommend her Money Magic course for those who would like to see their bank balance grow and their opportunities increase. Going through my taxes this year, I realized that after taking the class in 2012, I had more than doubled my annual income in 2013! Not only that, but my savings had grown significantly as well. I continue to attract more amazing clients and opportunities, while managing my finances more responsibly. I really can't say enough about how life changing this class was for me. I plan to take it again this year!
    Sunshine Mugrabi
  • Tang
    About an hour and a half after I we concluded the workshop. I got a call from an employment agent who offered me a 35% higher paying job with a top 50 global Fortune 500 company.
  • R.C. Peck
    I’ve been working with Michelle for the past ten years and she is most definitely one of my secret weapons….working with Michelle is like striking gold.
    R.C. Peck
    Fearless Wealth
  • Carolyn Carpeneti
     I’ve been practicing the Law of Attraction for 15 years. I know that the universe acts like a mirror and delivers back to you an experience that is fueled by the thoughts you send out. When it comes to money, I have always tried to believe that I live in a world of financial abundance. But, I have always had this subtle fear about financial scarcity running in the background. It wasn’t logical, as I’ve always been able to provide for myself and my children. But, as much as I tried, I couldn’t stop the “what if” thoughts.     Then I took Michelle’s Money Magic class and everything changed. There was a moment in the class where Michelle had us visualize a time in the future and for some reason I visualized myself in the kitchen of my dreams. I’ve never remodeled anything in my house, I had no plans on moving, nor did I have any plans (or money) to remodel my kitchen. It was a random thought that just popped up.    As time passed after the class, I started getting more clients. For the first time in my life, I didn’t just think (and hope) that the universe would provide a way, I believed it...deep in my soul. As that belief grew, new clients began to appear. As a result, I began to think “maybe I can remodel my kitchen. In fact, maybe I can remodel my bedroom and bathroom as well.” I had no idea how I was going to pay for this fantasy. But, for the first time, I didn’t worry about it.  I just believed, in my heart, that I’d have the money to pay for it.     I took Michelle’s class 9 months ago and since the class, my business has tripled and my home is a construction site as builders work away building the kitchen of my dreams, plus a master bed room with a huge closet and spa bathroom.     I’ve spent years trying to get the sacristy and financial fears out of my mind. Money Magic was the magic I needed.    Michelle’s Money Magic methodology along with her compassion, brilliant insights and wicked sense of humor broke my financial scarcity thought pattern and opened my life to what’s really possible.    I’m forever grateful!  
    Carolyn Carpeneti
  • Rachel
    In other, money magic type news, my big goal that I set last year at Money Magic was buying a house by June 2020. Well, we are officially in contract on a house in Austin as of last night! …I'm still a bit in shock about it!
  • I just checked my business accounts and since I enrolled into MM in April, our sales have doubled every month. Not only that but we just had our best month ever in June and hit the annual target I set back in April which I thought was impossible. We're also quoting much higher deals. My relationships with my family feel a lot nicer too.
  • Khalid Halim
    I have worked with Michelle both as a student learning NLP and as a client working through some of my more "stuck" experiences in life. As a coach to CEO's of some of the top technology companies in Silicon Valley what I have learned from Michelle has had a profound effect on my ability to produce really impactful outcomes for my clients. More importantly as a husband and father the work we have done together has meant that I can show up more fully for my family and not just bring what I experienced growing up in my family into the family I have now. If I could put it simply, my experience of the greatest gift of Michelle's work is that my clients have more choice where they didn't have it before and more importantly. I have more choice in my own life. She has taken much of what was just running on auto-pilot and made it conscious so that I can have choice about the life I want to live and the person I want to become.
    Khalid Halim
    Co-Founder & CEO Coach, Inc.
  • This is the best-designed workshop I've ever been too.


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