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People usually come for this work when they are not having the experience that they want (in life, money, relationship, health, career, self-esteem, etc), or when they are not wanting the experience that they are having, or usually, both.

Most of the things that keeps us really stuck are unconscious—because if they were conscious you would have changed them already, and so this work uses a combination of Nlp and Family Systems/Family Constellations work to discover what the patterns are that are in the way. Then this work begins to revise those patterns so that you can automatically have more of the experience you want, without having to use will power or without trying to force yourself to be different.

It’s profound change and people are often amazed at how much changes in a session. Some changes only require one session. Others may involve a couple of layers, but this is not something you do every week.

A session lasts 60-90 minutes and in that time, we find out what it is that you would like and what’s been going on that you don’t want. Some truly amazing tools allow us to find out what’s been most in the way of you having what you want. We then do some work to revise those patterns, and send you off to integrate.

This work can be done in person or through video conferencing online (Skype, Zoom, Google Chat, etc).

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What's the difference between doing an NLP session and a Family Constellation?

The difference between an NLP session and a constellation is the level that they work on, as well as the issues that they address.
NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) works a lot with belief and identity subconscious patterns, often created in the first 6 or so years of life, as well as patterns that get created through trauma experienced directly.
Revealing and revising those patterns can change things at a neurological level, and can create permanent change-almost as though you are re-writing your internal software.

Constellation work addresses generational traumas and patterns that children often feel when they come into a family, and that they often take on to try to heal or carry for their families of origin (biological). These patterns are not originally stored in the neurology because they are not events that the child experienced directly, but are running in the family collective unconsciousness outside of time and space. Often, however, they eventually get stored neurologically as well, due to repeated associations of the pain/struggle/dynamic in the child's life as they grow.

So a constellation operates more outside of time and space, and may affect the wiring as well, but not necessarily.

When we do an NLP session we are working with both the subconscious patterns stored in the neurology, but also paying attention to the family systems dynamics running outside of time and space and addressing those too.

A constellation is a more visceral experience and involves a lot of volunteers who offer to represent issues or members of the client's family to reveal the agreements/entanglements that someone may be trying to heal or carry for their family of origin. They are more difficult to schedule because they require so many people and so much coordination.

An NLP session, although not always as dramatic, can address both the subconscious beliefs/patterns/wiring, as well as revealing family entanglements and agreements, and are much easier to schedule because we don't need to assemble an entire group to do the work.

In an NLP session we are always paying attention to and addressing both the subconscious patterning/beliefs held in the neurology, and the family system patterning.

In a constellation we are only addressing the generational/family system entanglements.

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