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Creating the Money, Love, Health and Life that You Want in a way that makes you happy.

Because none of it matters if you aren't happy.



Money Magic

A one of a kind workshop that lets you get clear on what you want in life, and what's in your way, and permanently revise those blocks so that life, and money, can be easier and a lot more fun.

The Field of Money

Discover the hidden, generational blocks that are keeping money from flowing to you in a beautiful way. Using Family Constellation work in a profound way, this workshop lets everyone discover deep dynamics affecting their money and their life.

Clear Path to Love

Discover the hidden, generational blocks to love and relationship that are limiting your life and love. Using Family Constellation work in large and small groups, participants discover the underlying patterns that are in the way of love and relationship.


Discover and learn to use the magic and beauty of metaphors and stories to communicate and teach to all different ages and people.

Money Magic

You can have many of the stories, insights and change patterns from the internationally popular Money Magic workshop, right at your fingertips whenever you need them.

  • Melissa Joy Jonsson
    If you want to change your limiting patterns around money to experience more abundance now, then read this book.  Masters offers powerful tools to transform money matters with ease and understanding. Whether you are struggling to pay your bills, or want to move beyond a specific financial plateau, this book can offer  more money flow.
    Melissa Joy Jonsson
    Bestselling Author of The Art of Limitless Living, and four other life transformational books.
  • Susan Hwang
    In Money Magic, Michelle challenges conventional thinking about money and how to get it.  This book is engaging and powerful because the ideas are so counter-intuitive and novel.  Each chapter contains colorful anecdotes as well as powerful exercises that are immediately actionable.  Michelle Masters's book is a must for anyone wanting to end their struggle with money.
    Susan Hwang
  • You can call it “coincidence” if that is your belief, but within 12 hours of reading it, I’ve had extra money show up in my bank account - a family member suddenly decided to help me pay off a bill I was struggling with and put the money in my account. This person also offered to help me contribute to my debt payments each month, which was very surprising because no help has been offered on that front from family for more than a year now. I wasn’t expecting any help with my debts nor asking for it (I’m on a 5-year repayment plan), but it is awfully nice for it to suddenly show up!!
  • The secrets in this book will unlock whatever is in the way of money flowing to you and you don't need to learn anything about money! I hope this book changes your life the way it's changed mine. I can't imagine being stuck where I was financially before I found these tools. My business went from a slow drip to a beautiful stream and I owe it to Money magic. This magic is real!!!
  • Yes... it's not a large book but it's chucked full of good stuff - the perfect size - not jammed up with a lot of repetition or "filler". It's to the point, is enlightening and entertaining and the exercises are amazing. I'll be reading it again and redoing the exercises because I could already feel some shifts occurring. Very helpful. Thanks Michelle.

Michelle Masters

Michelle came to her work in NLP by a long and winding path. After studying theatre, she lived in Germany and London till her visas ran out, painted scenery off Broadway, painted houses in Maine, watered plants in Manhattan offices, coached high school sports, and taught environmental education throughout New England.

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Find out what's in your way, both consciously and subconsciously, and permanently revise those blocks so that you can have the life, love, health and money that you want.