About Michelle

Bodega Head shot warmBefore NLP:

Michelle came to her work in NLP by a long and winding path. After studying theatre, she lived in Germany and London till her visas ran out, painted scenery off broadway, painted houses in Maine, watered plants in Manhattan offices, coached high school sports, and taught environmental education throughout New England. Working with children taught her a lot, mostly that she had control issues. After traveling the country for a year as part of her graduate work in Environmental Education, she moved to Sonoma County in 1989.

Since NLP:

In 1994 Michelle went to an NLP Marin free seminar and never looked back. She attended all levels of Practitioner training and began assisting at all NLP Marin trainings, very quickly becoming Training Manager and then Trainer for them. She has been working with clients, students and organizations throughout the San Francisco Bay Area since 1995 to create change and remove blocks to success, love, health and well-being. In addition to working with people privately, Michelle teaches NLP to students wanting to become Practitioners, leads and facilitates Family Constellations, teaches courses in how to facilitate Family Constellations and develops and facilitates workshops designed to create lasting changes for participants, such as Money Magic, and Weight Magic. She has spoken at conferences, on television and radio on the topics of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and on using Family Constellations to resolve unconscious family generational entanglements. Michelle believes that learning happens most easily when it is fun as well as functional.

In addition to NLP Michelle has continued to study a variety of quantum-based healing modalities which she incorporates into all of her work with students and clients.

Michelle has clients all over the world–in the U.S., Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and South America, and she speaks and teaches internationally.

To contact Michelle, call (707) 824-1032